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What if a legal agreement could be monitored, executed and enforced without the need for human action or interference? Imagine a world in which a string of code could recognise the fulfilment of conditions, automatically transfer assets at the agreed times and register those transfers. That is the world of the smart contract.

By placing a smart contract on a public, permissionless blockchain, control over the execution of the agreement would no longer be in the hands of a single party (e.g. a bank) and interaction would no longer be limited to closed systems (e.g. centralised bank ledgers). The proper execution of contracts could be verified by the network of computers connected to the blockchain. That same network would update the blockchain to record the execution of the contract, and then monitor the blockchain for compliance with the terms of the smart contract.


We offer a network of dedicated and experienced developers for your blockchain programming requirements which includes the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

We create Ethereum based tokens and development of a distributed app (DApp) within a test environment, together with an Ethereum Wallet.


Bringing together the best legal brains in the crypto community we are offering individuals and SMEs access to advice on commercial law, regulation, technology (fintech) and dispute resolution.

Streamline legal, due diligence, assurance and compliance procedures for issuing a token with any decentralized or blockchain protocol.

Access to automation of procedures to create compliant prospectuses, white papers, OM agreements and additional regulatory documentation.


A pre-token sale website design should have a visually stunning landing page with a clear description of what the project is. It should include graphics and effects that makes it stand out from the crowd.

It should show all the dates of the token sale from pre-sale to main sale as well as a specific Call to Action which tells the investors to sign up to the whitelist or receive signup offers.

The recommendation is to have clear sections for whitepapers and presentations and a full overview of the long term strategy in order to give investors confidence in the project. Adding a section for the Team and Advisors (include LinkedIn links) is critical as well as being able to join all contact and social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and others with ease.